Dongguan HongSui Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is a company specializing in the production and trade of water-based paint raw materials.

         The company mainly researches and develops, produces and sells polycarbonate diol, one-component solvent-free resin, water-based polyurethane resin, 1,6-Hexanediol,Bisphenol A epoxy ,textile glue, auxiliary and crosslinking agent. In the fields of textiles, leather, paper, metal and plastic coatings, it provides efficient water-based environmentally friendly basic raw materials and solutions for many manufacturers.

         Customer needs are the core motivation for our innovation. We hope that through close cooperation with our partners, we can create more value for our customers with our own product characteristics and professional and high-quality services, minimize the impact on the environment, and create sustainability In the future of business development, we are determined to become a company with a sense of social responsibility.

Development Path



Established Dongguan HongSui Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., a capital company



Establishment of (Hong Kong) Palin Materials Technology Co., Ltd



Established Dongguan Gaoshi New Materials Co., Ltd. Dealing in water-based polyurethane, textile coatings, aziridine crosslinking agents, etc.

Established Beng Sui Co., Ltd. to sell Dongguan Gaoshi's textile chemicals

Established Cambodia Lingsui Co., Ltd. to sell Dongguan Gaoshi's textile chemical materials



Established Shanghai Ouxin Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. to sell European and American new chemical raw materials and international business contacts



Established Sichuan Zhongou New Material Co., Ltd. (China-Spain joint venture), mainly producing PCD solvent-free resin, water-based PU (for leather)

Certified Product

HongSui series products have successively passed the ECO inspection and certification of Hohenstein Research Institute, ZDHC chemical inspection and evaluation, Bureau Veritas, SGS and other third-party authoritative testing organizations.


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